• 2 Person Dining Table
  • 2 Person Hot Tub
  • 50" LCD TV with DVD Player and Ipod connection
  • 500 Square Feet
  • Fireplace
  • Steam Shower with marine stereo speakers connected to the suite sound system.

Designed in tones of forest green, sky blue, and antique yellow, this Rome-themed room is a luxurious feast for the eyes. Enjoy the Roman experience in this Rome-themed room at Mariaggi’s Theme Hotel and Spa. Everything in this room, from the blue-green 2-person hot tub laid in black marble to the Roman statues mounted in strategic places to the beautiful flowers above the tub, draw inspiration from ancient Rome.

In 500 sq ft of pure Roman décor, you’ll find a fireplace, a steam shower with marine speakers, stereo speakers, a hot tub, and a 50” LCD TV, and a Roku Internet TV Box. Experience Rome with your partner from a Queen-size bed in a 500 sq ft room bedecked in authentic Roman décor. This suite is indeed the perfect Romantic getaway spot.

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*Special Discounted Room Rates for longer stays. All prices subject to tax.
*Rooms are for 2 Guests. Additional guests are $56 each. Thank you.
All balconies are semi-private.
Please call toll free: 1-866-947-9190 or 204-947-9447
Gift Cards Available for any special occasion.
No Refunds Available: In House Credit Only

Room details

  • Guests: 2
  • Room size: 500 ft²
  • Bed size(s): Deluxe Queen
  • Room type
$425.00 / Per night