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Mariaggi’s Theme Suite Hotel & Spa is one of the most luxurious hotels in Winnipeg. But it was once an exclusive gentlemen’s club for the wealthy and owned by two Winnipeg brother lawyers – William Tupper and James Tupper.

When Mariaggi’s bought the entire block, they converted it to a theme and spa hotel. The Mariaggi’s way right from the start was matching luxury for luxury, and it wasn’t just in its large size and themed furnishings. The hotel had special dining rooms designed to resemble caves, large luxurious suites with the best furnishings, electricity, and other luxurious amenities for its time!

The Mariaggi’s was far ahead of its counterparts, and that hasn’t changed even with the passing of time.


Mariaggi’s Theme Suite Hotel & Spa has maintained a lot from their heritage, and one of those is the romantic theme. In January, Mariaggi’s was listed as one of the world’s romantic hotels by TripAdvisor, offering affordable, romantic packages.

Here are some of Mariaggi’s famous romantic offerings. 

Romance Package

  • Four-course dinner for two (salad, pasta, main meat item, and dessert with homemade breadsticks, potatoes, and vegetables)
  • Commemorative handwritten bottle of Sparkling Juice
  • Candles lit throughout the suite, use of all CDs and DVD library with new release movies and bubble bath package.

Mini Romance Package

  • Candles lit throughout the suite, use of all CD’s and DVD library and with new release movies, bubble bath package, and one piece of cheesecake.

Other Extras 

  • Mini Romance Package without cheesecake
  • Extended stay till 1 pm
  • Candles and Bubble Bath package
  • Movies and Music Library
  • Commemorative bottle sparkling juice
  • Dinner for two only
  • One slice of cheesecake
  • Two slices of cheesecake
  • Lunch – Salad, sandwich, and drink
  • Massage Table only with Linens and oil
  • Essential Spa package (Hydrotherapy bath salts and aromatherapy oils)
  • Couples relaxation massage – One hour, two therapists doing relaxation massage in the suite
  • One hour massage (half hour each person back to back massage) – one therapist only in-suite

Luxury Rooms 

Mariaggi’s has recently added three luxury suites to its already impressive list of luxury suites.

  • The Luxury Artists Apartment
  • Cuba
  • Egypt

The Luxury Artists Apartment is furnished with originally signed artworks that cost more than $60,000. It is also a 1000 sq. feet full apartment with a well-equipped kitchen and other amenities. This apartment goes for $475 per night.


Fully designed to represent Cuba’s cultural themes and colors, this suite is impressive in its size and luxury. One of its selling points is the 20 Jet hot tub and infrared sauna.


This suite is similar to the Cuba suite in terms of amenities like the hot tub and sauna. Its only difference is the décor, which is designed to reflect the beauty and luxury of Egypt.

It’s easy to reserve a room at this luxurious romantic hotel. Easily book online and make a reservation online. There is absolutely no doubt that you’ll enjoy the Mariaggi experience.

Mariaggi's Theme Suite Hotel & Spa

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