Top Tips For Having the Best Hotel Stay Possible

Top Tips For Having the Best Hotel Stay Possible

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Almost every traveler has a hotel stay horror story. It can be about the beautiful pool you saw only to find it closed when you get there. It can also be about a hotel whose website said it had the right amenities only to find out that they don’t after paying. As such, we’ve put together a quick list of some tips to enjoy your hotel stay.

Check Different Rooms before Making Your Choice

If you aren’t satisfied with the room given to you, ask if you can check other available rooms. Usually, hotel managers try to occupy the least desirable rooms first, so don’t be shocked to see other available rooms with fantastic views and space.

Get long cords or a travel power strip for your devices

Some hotel rooms don’t have many power outlets, while others have zero easily-accessible plugs. Hence, it is best to carry USB-C and Micro-USB cables so you can charge your devices and hopefully use them from the bed.

Keep Your Bags Nearby

If you step into the hotel ahead of your bags, it could be snatched. So stay with your luggage because if the entryway is busy, some individuals can take advantage of the distraction to steal your bags.

Get a Good Rate

A lot of people believe that a hotel’s rack rate is the average price for a hotel room. In actuality, a rack rate is normally the highest price that a hotel charges typically.

Even though you don’t like or enjoy hunting for discounts, it’s often worth the time to search for discount codes on Google to help you save on hotel costs.

Lock, Latch and Attach the Do Not Disturb Sign

Housekeepers often come early. So if you forgot to attach the sign, housekeeping might wake you up when you need to rest.

Also, enabling the latch allows you to open the door to know who is knocking while blocking the said knocker from unexpectedly opening the door. Even though it is unlikely, you don’t want to take the chance, right?

Keep things Sanitary

Frequent travelers know that getting ill in a strange city is a nightmare. Plus, trying to get well before your checkout time can be an uncomfortable experience. And that is why most travelers carry the required tools to prevent this.

Bleach wipes and hand sanitizers can help in this regard. After checking in, you can clean the remote controls, phone, and knobs with a sanitary wipe to stay protected during your stay. Also, you can place the remote in a bag and push the buttons via the bag.

Always be kind

It cost nothing to show kindness. A little kindness and regard toward the receptionist can work wonders. If the receptionist is on your side, he or she can help you get a good room and help with several other minor things. Let’s say the receptionist can’t be of any help to you, at least you made his or her day a little better. And that’s worth it. What’s more, if you want great service, give a tip. When looking for a hotel in Downtown Winnipeg make sure you check out Mariaggi’s Theme Suite Hotel & Spa for the ultimate luxurious experience.

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